Does a writing challenge impact your life or the life of someone you care about?

Writing challenges that impact school, work, and life are called dysgraphia, a disability in written expression.

Overcoming writing challenges through


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Dysgraphia is a disability in written expression

It impacts 33% of the population! That's 10 kids per classroom of 30! It's not just the person who suffers, it IS the entire community. Are you ready for clarity? You have come to the right place to

  • Gain Awareness
  • Shift Mindsets
  • Receive Professional Development

Change their world forever!

Yours too!

  • Activities are Scepter (pencil) free
  • Legibility and speed improve
  • Easy Progress Monitoring
  • Implement in 2-minutes per day

And it is Kid Approved!

Stop Writing Challenges before they interfere with education

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The education of today's children is complex to say the least.

Teaching students to write is a science and an art.

There is so much online — Do This — Do That.

What is the best way to support your students?

I get it.

Simply having a curriculum is not enough!

Having a list of focused activities to support your students with a reason to be doing that specific activity is essential for their success.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who belongs in The Writing Glitch Community?

  • Teachers
    • Regular Education
    • Learning Support
  • Occupational Therapists
  • Speech Therapists
  • Parents

Why did we create The Writing Glitch Community?

To provide a holistic, neuroscience research-based approach to transform the mindset about dysgraphia awareness and provide professional development.

How did we create The Writing Glitch Community?

By designing WHOLE classroom 2-minute interventions and streamlining assessments to improve the social-emotional well-being of students without using a scepter (pencil) to transform writing skills for a lifetime.

The Writing Glitch Community is not a handwriting curriculum

It is not just about the physical act of writing. It is how to change the mind.

Although our goal is to support students, The Writing Glitch is not for students.

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Check out my award-nominated book

Ranked in Amazon’s top 100 for Handwriting Reference and Learning Disability.

Handwriting Brain-Body DisConnect helps child development professionals better understand their students who struggle with handwriting.

This groundbreaking book helps them understand how many students suffer every day because they struggle with handwriting.

From Response to Intervention to the Individualized Education Program, this book provides strategies readers can use at a moment's notice.

Meet Cheri

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Cheri is an international speaker, author, and consultant who designs professional development materials to help students overcome the social-emotional trauma associated with dysgraphia and support teachers cultivate successful students. She is an occupational therapist and adjunct instructor. She lives with her husband of 31 years. They have two adult children.

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Let your journey begin…

Design student and employee success

Dysgraphia does not have to be a barrier to your students' education or an employee's success.

Attention concerned teachers, therapists, business owners, and parents.

Help your students learn with ease and improve your awareness and empathy toward employees who struggle with effective communication.

Confusion and frustration over handwriting must be overcome with remediation and explicit instruction.

Gain clarity, competence, and confidence!

Transform their social-emotional well-being!

Transform lesson plans

Design their success

Overcome Writing Challenges through


What Our Clients Say

Shawna Steinbrecher Headshot

Shawna Steinbrecher, Occupational Therapist

“I found that it helped me be mindful in educating others and getting information to educators that they might not know about Specific Leaning Disability, and Dysgraphia. I felt that the course had good literature to help with educating others. The book was valuable.”

Hillary Davis Headshot

Hillary Davis, Occupational Therapist

“The roll-out of information was incredible. The way you organized this course contributed to the ease in which I could process and apply the information. I feel considerably more prepared to explain dysgraphia to other team members and support students.”

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